SOOP King’s Night Special with Hommage

26 April 2019 21:00 € 5 De Kompaszaal

Orange you glad it’s King’s day soon?!

With orange pride, SOOP will celebrate one of the country’s special traditions! This King’s night we will bring together swing dancing and the festive spirit of honouring the king’s birthday (more like honouring Dutch people’s love for partying)

The band for the night is Hommage. How delightful!

In between sets you can keep yourself entertained with old-fashioned Dutch games and activities.

Dress code: Keep it chic like a royal with your nicest shades of orange
(shades of orange? we mean for example burnt orange, autumnal orange, salmon orange, peach orange, earthy orange, sunset orange…)

In case we haven’t emphasised enough, there will be a lot of orange…

DJ: Danny
Entrance: €5 (cash only)